one of the gifts we received from our staff is brownies from becky's kitchen. love it!

i first learned of becky's kitchen when i was still in la salle. a friend brought a box of their brownies at school and i instantly swoon at that moist and chewy piece. i've been craving for their stuff time and again but i've only had a taste of becky's kitchen products for about 3 times (2 brownies and 1 chocolate mousse) because it isn't easy to go there by car (silly one way streets). so just imagine our delight when our staff gave us 2 boxes of brownies, 1 each for me and B.

i haven't been there in a while and i can't remember their menu but i know that they have different kinds of brownies. i think this one's the walnut fudge i've been hearing about. each rich and chocolatey bar is topped with lots of walnuts and there are also pieces of cherries in the bottom. such a piece of brownie fudge heaven!

becky's kitchen
1061 P. Ocampo cor. Bautista St.
singalong, manila