so, what to do at the farm at san benito? you can try one or two of their spa or medical services since this is what the place is all about. you can view the list of services here and here. most of them are a bit pricey so my husband and i figured that we'll just save our moolah for future travels and adventures. after all, just seeing the lush green surroundings, breathing the clean air and feasting on healthy food are enough to appease our distressed bodies. i did try one treatment, though. the ventosa cupping (Php1,200++) which i thought will get rid of my chronic back pain (it didn't).

ventosa cupping - it may look simple but look at the skin being sucked by the glass, it's really painful

aside from the treatments, there are several activities that you can join for free like meditation, yoga, walking, flower arranging, etc. they handout activity schedules daily and you can just go to the specified area at the specified time. no registrations needed and you can join as many as you want. if you're anti-social like us, you can do as we did:

- go around the resort using the map provided during check-in and take lots of photos. you'll find plenty of meditation areas where you can have a muni-muni moment of your own. since i'm with my husband, all we did was cam-whore ala prenup pictorial.

 one of the peacocks in the farm

 meditation area

- have afternoon tea with light snacks. they have a few computer stations where you can surf the net or bring your laptop or any mobile device and connect to their wifi. you can also feed the ducks lurking outside the pavilion with some of the snacks served. we saw jamby madrigal do this (yes, she's there and it's either she's a part owner or knows the owner of the place) so we followed suit. it was fun feeding the ducks and peacocks but quite scary at the same time coz i'm afraid they might hurt me with their beaks if i run out of food to throw them. thank goodness they were well-behaved birds. haha.

jamby feeding the ducks

- swim in the pools. they have the south pool, waterfall pool and the salus per aquam pool.

the south pool is an infinity pool located behind the restaurant. this area is a bit secluded and is so tranquil. we didn't stay long here, though, because we still have to check out the 2 other pools. heh.

south pool

the waterfall isn't really suitable for swimming. the water here is too cold and the pool is really tiny. plus there are these humongous mosquitoes that painfully sting the skin when they bite...and they quickly bite as soon as they touch your skin. ouch.

waterfall pool

the pool in the salus per aquam spa is our favorite because the water here is warm and it's very near our sulu terrace room. it's also an infinity pool just like the south pool but with a better view and a more busy ambiance because of the spa.

salus per aquam pool

- have a strictly vegetarian 3, 4 or 5 course dinner at alive restaurant. you really don't have any other choice because the farm is tucked in the woods and it would be impractical to drive in an unlit road to have your usual meaty dinner. contrary to what i've read before, the meals served to us were a bit filling and somehow worth it's price considering the value of it health-wise.


- have a night pictorial and if you're brave enough, explore the resort again. as much as we would want to go around the resort, the scaredy cat in me prevailed. there are no lamp posts here, only low lamp lights on pathways to let you see your way. look around the surrounding and you will see total darkness. it creeped me out so we went straight back to our room after a short pictorial after dinner.

the small lagoon with the restaurant in the background

- wake up early in the morning and appreciate nature. another chance to meditate on your own. reflect and be thankful for the experience and for everything else. take a walk and take more photos as the rays of the morning sun with the foggy rural air is nice to capture on cam.

to be continued... 

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