so i'm sitting here at bo's coffee this morning and i got my ideal seat in the corner couch by the huge glass window overlooking the small patch of greens in the glorietta rotonda. as much as i would want to have coffee, i have to settle with a hot cup of green tea latte (which i also love), a piece of adobo pandesal, and amy stroup in my itunes. the husband dropped me off here before going to his meeting wherein i am of no use.

everytime i stay at a coffee shop, i can't help overhearing discussions around me, making my earphone sort of useless in isolating me from the world, and almost always there are business discussions relating to my profession and business - IT. sometimes, to be honest, i just turn off my music to eavesdrop (well, who doesn't? c'mon admit it) and check out the competition. as of this moment, the IT discussing people just left and there's a big group nearby my table quite having a problem with staff attendance and sales production which got me to thinking the future of our business. i know that someday, we'll also have a huge group of people to manage and getting there is currently in the works. just sitting here and observing things around me is making me very grateful for our business and the perks that come with it.

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when you're in your late twenties and single, people constantly ask when you'll get married. when you get married, people constantly ask when you'll have a baby. when you have a baby, people constantly ask when you'll have another baby.

i got married at 30. even though the husband and i have been together for more than 10 years, we still feel that we need to spend our first years of marriage just the two of us. there's no plan of having a baby just yet so we're always in control (if you know what i mean). we are both so happy at this point in our lives that we don't feel the need to make a family soon. we're on our way to celebrating our 3rd year in a few months and people are into this notion that we can't conceive. i honestly hate it when they make assumptions on our life, criticizing our way of living and advising us on things we should do to be blessed with a kid. and when we explain that we really don't want to have one yet, they judge and criticize some more.

i don't know if it's also like this in other cultures but all i know is that i despise this kind of disposition. i don't go around giving unsolicited advice so i hope people will do the same and stick their noses out of other people's business. we each have a life to live so let people do what they want to do with their own as long as they're not hurting anyone. if they decided not to have a child at this time yet or never ever, respect their choices and move on.

we're under a lot of pressure right now to conceive. up until late last year, there's still no longing for a little one. we have our reasons, yes, but the yearning just isn't there yet. last month, i decided to give it a try this january. as the days lead to the peak of my ovulation, the ailments that have been bugging me in the past are making their presence felt so we need to postpone. to be honest, i just decided to give it a go because i wanted people to stop bothering us. but as the song goes - "life has a funny way of sneaking up on you", it must've sensed that i still wasn't ready.

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sometime last month, my husband challenged me to stop using facebook. he managed to refrain logging in to the social network site for about a week but i wasn't up for it due to the reason that i use Facebook to check for news and current events. while most status updates are just pure nonsense, i like checking out my news feed for new places and foods to try. it's very rare that i post something but i can probably say i WAS addicted to it because it's what i browse when i wake up, site's open at work (and i'm clicking the refresh button when i'm idle) and it must be the last thing i do before i sleep.

it wasn't planned, i just suddenly decided not to access it. i wanted to disable/delete my account entirely but most people use fb now as the main form of communication so i decided against it. any messages will be emailed to me anyway so i can read it without logging in.

you know what, the 2 weeks of not using the site feels refreshing. i won't go into the details why so as not to offend anyone. but i can say that everyday living is better without Facebook or any social network for that matter. i still use instagram, though, because i love photography. i'm anonymous there except for a handful of friends and i only follow those awesome people that inspire me (celebrities are a no-no).

will i use Facebook again? now that i've felt what it's like without it, probably not.

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so...it's been a while. i've had my plate full with personal and work related stuff since i last posted but the past few months have been quite relaxing on the work front so let's see if i'll be able to update this more often.

i haven't finished my The Farm Series yet (series 1 here and series 2 here) and i don't know if i'll still be able to write the 3rd one. good news is, my back pain was finally healed, but not with the ventosa cupping. i also tried acupuncture and did a series of lab tests as requested by my neuro but it was myotherapy that stopped the pain.

we went to mancao myotherapy clinic as recommended by our staff whose mom's friend also has the same problem as me. i had my hopes up as she said that her mom's friend was relieved of the pain. true enough, just one visit (plus a few days of muscle pain) and i was finally pain free.

here's a youtube video of one of the stretching procedures done to me.

some of the stretching positions were excruciating and the first few days after it were just more harrowing pain but after it's gone, it's gone for good. so if you're having chronic back pain and doctors just can't seem to diagnose what's exactly wrong with you, try myotherapy. i think some hospitals here already have myotherapists because a friend mentioned that there's one in st. luke's global. mancao's small clinic/office may put you off and think he's a quack but i think i'm proof enough that he's not.

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so, what to do at the farm at san benito? you can try one or two of their spa or medical services since this is what the place is all about. you can view the list of services here and here. most of them are a bit pricey so my husband and i figured that we'll just save our moolah for future travels and adventures. after all, just seeing the lush green surroundings, breathing the clean air and feasting on healthy food are enough to appease our distressed bodies. i did try one treatment, though. the ventosa cupping (Php1,200++) which i thought will get rid of my chronic back pain (it didn't).

ventosa cupping - it may look simple but look at the skin being sucked by the glass, it's really painful

aside from the treatments, there are several activities that you can join for free like meditation, yoga, walking, flower arranging, etc. they handout activity schedules daily and you can just go to the specified area at the specified time. no registrations needed and you can join as many as you want. if you're anti-social like us, you can do as we did:

- go around the resort using the map provided during check-in and take lots of photos. you'll find plenty of meditation areas where you can have a muni-muni moment of your own. since i'm with my husband, all we did was cam-whore ala prenup pictorial.

 one of the peacocks in the farm

 meditation area

- have afternoon tea with light snacks. they have a few computer stations where you can surf the net or bring your laptop or any mobile device and connect to their wifi. you can also feed the ducks lurking outside the pavilion with some of the snacks served. we saw jamby madrigal do this (yes, she's there and it's either she's a part owner or knows the owner of the place) so we followed suit. it was fun feeding the ducks and peacocks but quite scary at the same time coz i'm afraid they might hurt me with their beaks if i run out of food to throw them. thank goodness they were well-behaved birds. haha.

jamby feeding the ducks

- swim in the pools. they have the south pool, waterfall pool and the salus per aquam pool.

the south pool is an infinity pool located behind the restaurant. this area is a bit secluded and is so tranquil. we didn't stay long here, though, because we still have to check out the 2 other pools. heh.

south pool

the waterfall isn't really suitable for swimming. the water here is too cold and the pool is really tiny. plus there are these humongous mosquitoes that painfully sting the skin when they bite...and they quickly bite as soon as they touch your skin. ouch.

waterfall pool

the pool in the salus per aquam spa is our favorite because the water here is warm and it's very near our sulu terrace room. it's also an infinity pool just like the south pool but with a better view and a more busy ambiance because of the spa.

salus per aquam pool

- have a strictly vegetarian 3, 4 or 5 course dinner at alive restaurant. you really don't have any other choice because the farm is tucked in the woods and it would be impractical to drive in an unlit road to have your usual meaty dinner. contrary to what i've read before, the meals served to us were a bit filling and somehow worth it's price considering the value of it health-wise.


- have a night pictorial and if you're brave enough, explore the resort again. as much as we would want to go around the resort, the scaredy cat in me prevailed. there are no lamp posts here, only low lamp lights on pathways to let you see your way. look around the surrounding and you will see total darkness. it creeped me out so we went straight back to our room after a short pictorial after dinner.

the small lagoon with the restaurant in the background

- wake up early in the morning and appreciate nature. another chance to meditate on your own. reflect and be thankful for the experience and for everything else. take a walk and take more photos as the rays of the morning sun with the foggy rural air is nice to capture on cam.

to be continued... 

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whenever i start writing about our The Farm trip, it makes my mind wander to that marvelous place in batangas hoping i can be transported back to that serene hideaway. then i'll go browsing our pics to reminisce our wonderful stay and so the words that i started to write here about it will all be forgotten.

being the frustrated travel junkie that i am ever since i was young, i'm always in the lookout for a nice place to go. i've long known of The Farm way back 2004 when it was still fairly new and i've sworn that i will someday go here with my b. years passed and i totally forgot about the place until Deal Grocer came along.

can i just veer away from the topic and say that i love deal grocer? of all the group buying sites that i've subscribed to, only deal grocer features most of my dream destinations. at almost 50% off for a luxury getaway, who can't say no? so far, i've only bought 3 coupons, but that's only because i have to ask permission from the husband before i purchase. if it's up to me, i would've bought everything that's on my list (including that oakwood deal i've been lemming which will probably be sold out a few minutes from now). deal grocer simply fulfills my luxe fantasies and that's why i love it to bits.

anyhow, we stayed overnight at The Farm for 50% off. it was supposed to be an anniversary getaway but was moved a week later due to the storm. thankfully, we were blessed with a beautiful sunny weather during our trip. it was less than a 2-hour drive from alabang using the star tollway. a few turns after reaching lipa city, it felt like going to my grandma's house in the province because of the houses and the piggery (i think) that line the narrow road. a few turns more and the houses disappeared and were replaced by the woods. kinda scary as we were the only vehicle driving there. i wonder how it feels traveling there at night. when we reached the gate of The Farm, i heaved a sigh of relief, it was like finding an oasis in the desert.

at the gate, the guard checked if we're on the guest list before we were allowed to enter. i guess walk-in guests are not allowed because the place is huge and one can easily hide in the many nooks and crannies of The Farm once inside. as soon as we entered, we already felt calm and relaxed, it was really beautiful and so serene. like many resorts, we were given a refreshing welcome drink (buko juice) upon check-in. a map and activity schedule for yoga and meditation were also given to us after a brief overview of the resort and then we were led to our sulu terrace room.

our room was really tiny but exudes such charm. it was modeled like an ifugao hut with the bathroom on the lower floor. since the room is really small, the furnitures were kept to a minimum. there was no tv as this resort is all about detox and a chance to commune with nature.

a flashlight was provided for us and were told it's for use in case of blackouts. we later realized that it's really not for blackouts. it's a necessity in case you need to pee in the middle of the night. b woke up at 2am to go to the bathroom downstairs but it was pitch black outside when he opened the door. the woods is just beside our room so it really creeped him out and he just went back to bed. if we ever come back here, we'll just stay at the palmera suites for the bathroom convenience. it's not to say, though, that the bathroom wasn't any good. i have to say that i am very particular when it comes to bathrooms. when i google for a hotel, i make sure that reviews of the bathrooms are good and there are photos to prove it. knowing that The Farm is almost 10 years old (they opened in 2002), i lowered my expectations. i was surprised when i opened the door downstairs and found a luxurious and, more importantly, a spic and span bathroom. it's even cleaner than some of the newer hotels we've been to.

i don't know what tiles they used all around it (looks like brown marble, only a bit rough) but it's what i loved about it. there's somewhat an earthy vibe in it that feels like i'm taking a bath or doing the call of nature outdoors (pun not intended). also, the silver hardware are all shiny which gives you an impression that it has never been used before. i'm impressed, really. and to think that this is just our room!

to be continued...

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so i finally went to the doctor yesterday. and you know what? i'm sick as i can ever be today. how ironic.

my day was really awful. i woke up with not one, but two aching shoulders. still i went on with my day and decided to just buy the medicine prescribed to me. i didn't want to take it in the first place when i heard the term opium while she was explaining it to me. she warned me that it may cause diziness and told me that it may be habit forming and i would become dependent on it. sounds like an illegal drug, huh? the pain was so terrible this morning so i asked b to buy it for me. i was totally fine and was able to work in G na G mode (give na give). that was until 2pm when my head just suddenly flicked and felt like it's not a part of my body. then my face and arms started to feel swollen and numb plus my stomach's churning, the same feeling i get when i've had too much alcoholic drink. true enough, i threw up everything i had for lunch. i thought i was better after that so we decided to go out and eat whatever we're craving. bad decision. the tavel and the car aircon made my stomach churn and i ended throwing up on a very dirty and dilapidated men's cr with a dirty underwear next to the pail of water. ewwness much. but i guess it's better than doing it on the roadside.

let's just say that i've had too many trips to the toilet and probably thrown up even those that are in the last stages of digestion. it was that horrible. now i'm really afraid to eat.

is this the effect of opium? the high they say they feel when they take drugs? uuggghh...how awful.

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