so...it's been a while. i've had my plate full with personal and work related stuff since i last posted but the past few months have been quite relaxing on the work front so let's see if i'll be able to update this more often.

i haven't finished my The Farm Series yet (series 1 here and series 2 here) and i don't know if i'll still be able to write the 3rd one. good news is, my back pain was finally healed, but not with the ventosa cupping. i also tried acupuncture and did a series of lab tests as requested by my neuro but it was myotherapy that stopped the pain.

we went to mancao myotherapy clinic as recommended by our staff whose mom's friend also has the same problem as me. i had my hopes up as she said that her mom's friend was relieved of the pain. true enough, just one visit (plus a few days of muscle pain) and i was finally pain free.

here's a youtube video of one of the stretching procedures done to me.

some of the stretching positions were excruciating and the first few days after it were just more harrowing pain but after it's gone, it's gone for good. so if you're having chronic back pain and doctors just can't seem to diagnose what's exactly wrong with you, try myotherapy. i think some hospitals here already have myotherapists because a friend mentioned that there's one in st. luke's global. mancao's small clinic/office may put you off and think he's a quack but i think i'm proof enough that he's not.