whenever i start writing about our The Farm trip, it makes my mind wander to that marvelous place in batangas hoping i can be transported back to that serene hideaway. then i'll go browsing our pics to reminisce our wonderful stay and so the words that i started to write here about it will all be forgotten.

being the frustrated travel junkie that i am ever since i was young, i'm always in the lookout for a nice place to go. i've long known of The Farm way back 2004 when it was still fairly new and i've sworn that i will someday go here with my b. years passed and i totally forgot about the place until Deal Grocer came along.

can i just veer away from the topic and say that i love deal grocer? of all the group buying sites that i've subscribed to, only deal grocer features most of my dream destinations. at almost 50% off for a luxury getaway, who can't say no? so far, i've only bought 3 coupons, but that's only because i have to ask permission from the husband before i purchase. if it's up to me, i would've bought everything that's on my list (including that oakwood deal i've been lemming which will probably be sold out a few minutes from now). deal grocer simply fulfills my luxe fantasies and that's why i love it to bits.

anyhow, we stayed overnight at The Farm for 50% off. it was supposed to be an anniversary getaway but was moved a week later due to the storm. thankfully, we were blessed with a beautiful sunny weather during our trip. it was less than a 2-hour drive from alabang using the star tollway. a few turns after reaching lipa city, it felt like going to my grandma's house in the province because of the houses and the piggery (i think) that line the narrow road. a few turns more and the houses disappeared and were replaced by the woods. kinda scary as we were the only vehicle driving there. i wonder how it feels traveling there at night. when we reached the gate of The Farm, i heaved a sigh of relief, it was like finding an oasis in the desert.

at the gate, the guard checked if we're on the guest list before we were allowed to enter. i guess walk-in guests are not allowed because the place is huge and one can easily hide in the many nooks and crannies of The Farm once inside. as soon as we entered, we already felt calm and relaxed, it was really beautiful and so serene. like many resorts, we were given a refreshing welcome drink (buko juice) upon check-in. a map and activity schedule for yoga and meditation were also given to us after a brief overview of the resort and then we were led to our sulu terrace room.

our room was really tiny but exudes such charm. it was modeled like an ifugao hut with the bathroom on the lower floor. since the room is really small, the furnitures were kept to a minimum. there was no tv as this resort is all about detox and a chance to commune with nature.

a flashlight was provided for us and were told it's for use in case of blackouts. we later realized that it's really not for blackouts. it's a necessity in case you need to pee in the middle of the night. b woke up at 2am to go to the bathroom downstairs but it was pitch black outside when he opened the door. the woods is just beside our room so it really creeped him out and he just went back to bed. if we ever come back here, we'll just stay at the palmera suites for the bathroom convenience. it's not to say, though, that the bathroom wasn't any good. i have to say that i am very particular when it comes to bathrooms. when i google for a hotel, i make sure that reviews of the bathrooms are good and there are photos to prove it. knowing that The Farm is almost 10 years old (they opened in 2002), i lowered my expectations. i was surprised when i opened the door downstairs and found a luxurious and, more importantly, a spic and span bathroom. it's even cleaner than some of the newer hotels we've been to.

i don't know what tiles they used all around it (looks like brown marble, only a bit rough) but it's what i loved about it. there's somewhat an earthy vibe in it that feels like i'm taking a bath or doing the call of nature outdoors (pun not intended). also, the silver hardware are all shiny which gives you an impression that it has never been used before. i'm impressed, really. and to think that this is just our room!

to be continued...

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