so i finally went to the doctor yesterday. and you know what? i'm sick as i can ever be today. how ironic.

my day was really awful. i woke up with not one, but two aching shoulders. still i went on with my day and decided to just buy the medicine prescribed to me. i didn't want to take it in the first place when i heard the term opium while she was explaining it to me. she warned me that it may cause diziness and told me that it may be habit forming and i would become dependent on it. sounds like an illegal drug, huh? the pain was so terrible this morning so i asked b to buy it for me. i was totally fine and was able to work in G na G mode (give na give). that was until 2pm when my head just suddenly flicked and felt like it's not a part of my body. then my face and arms started to feel swollen and numb plus my stomach's churning, the same feeling i get when i've had too much alcoholic drink. true enough, i threw up everything i had for lunch. i thought i was better after that so we decided to go out and eat whatever we're craving. bad decision. the tavel and the car aircon made my stomach churn and i ended throwing up on a very dirty and dilapidated men's cr with a dirty underwear next to the pail of water. ewwness much. but i guess it's better than doing it on the roadside.

let's just say that i've had too many trips to the toilet and probably thrown up even those that are in the last stages of digestion. it was that horrible. now i'm really afraid to eat.

is this the effect of opium? the high they say they feel when they take drugs? uuggghh...how awful.