sometime last month, my husband challenged me to stop using facebook. he managed to refrain logging in to the social network site for about a week but i wasn't up for it due to the reason that i use Facebook to check for news and current events. while most status updates are just pure nonsense, i like checking out my news feed for new places and foods to try. it's very rare that i post something but i can probably say i WAS addicted to it because it's what i browse when i wake up, site's open at work (and i'm clicking the refresh button when i'm idle) and it must be the last thing i do before i sleep.

it wasn't planned, i just suddenly decided not to access it. i wanted to disable/delete my account entirely but most people use fb now as the main form of communication so i decided against it. any messages will be emailed to me anyway so i can read it without logging in.

you know what, the 2 weeks of not using the site feels refreshing. i won't go into the details why so as not to offend anyone. but i can say that everyday living is better without Facebook or any social network for that matter. i still use instagram, though, because i love photography. i'm anonymous there except for a handful of friends and i only follow those awesome people that inspire me (celebrities are a no-no).

will i use Facebook again? now that i've felt what it's like without it, probably not.