so i'm sitting here at bo's coffee this morning and i got my ideal seat in the corner couch by the huge glass window overlooking the small patch of greens in the glorietta rotonda. as much as i would want to have coffee, i have to settle with a hot cup of green tea latte (which i also love), a piece of adobo pandesal, and amy stroup in my itunes. the husband dropped me off here before going to his meeting wherein i am of no use.

everytime i stay at a coffee shop, i can't help overhearing discussions around me, making my earphone sort of useless in isolating me from the world, and almost always there are business discussions relating to my profession and business - IT. sometimes, to be honest, i just turn off my music to eavesdrop (well, who doesn't? c'mon admit it) and check out the competition. as of this moment, the IT discussing people just left and there's a big group nearby my table quite having a problem with staff attendance and sales production which got me to thinking the future of our business. i know that someday, we'll also have a huge group of people to manage and getting there is currently in the works. just sitting here and observing things around me is making me very grateful for our business and the perks that come with it.

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