what you'll need: well thawed slices of tuna about half inch thick (preferably w/out skin), soy sauce/worcestershire sauce, calamansi (about a half calamansi for each slice so if you have 4 slices you need 2), ground pepper, butter, hot sauce (optional)

what you'll do: in a skillet, marinate the tuna in soy sauce or worcestershire, calamansi (don't include the seeds), a few drops of hot sauce and lots of ground pepper. be careful not to put too much soy sauce, just enough to soak half of the fish slice. flip the tuna to marinate the other side.

add thin slices of butter for each fish then place the skillet in a stove and cook over medium heat. you will notice a white substance forming and i honestly don't know what it is. i'm not yet a professional cook, you see. it's probably from the blood but whatever it is, i remove it. then if the bottom side is already cooked, flip the tuna to cook the other side. when the marinate dries, remove from skillet and enjoy.

best served with boiled vegetables and soup. *sorry i wasn't able to take photos of the veggies and soup