the frozen yogurt craze has been going on for a while now but so far, i've only tried two of 'em. these two are the ones easily accessible to us because they are both found in the place where we frequent the most -- mall of asia.

the very first frozen yogurt i tried was in white hat and i didn't know what to expect at that time. it looks like an ice cream sundae but it's an entirely different thing once i popped it in my mouth. i did like its sweet & tangy taste and our fave topping is their choco balls with homemade granola because the chocolate balances the sourness of the yogurt. i've been pretty hooked at this healthy alternative to ice cream for quite a while that i always make it a point to have it as dessert every after meals at the mall. the addiction only stopped when i tasted another yogurt brand at a christmas bazaar last year.

we liked iloveberries frozen yogurt better because it's more on the sweet side. our usual topping from them is the mochi which is japanese rice cake quite similar to our local espasol. they just opened at mall of asia last february and we've already been there a lot. the cashier even remembered us as one of their first customers on their first few days because we made pakyaw of their mochi that first time and up til recently, we always did. the last time we were there, however, we were disappointed because the mochi was a bit hard to chew which means it's already old. maybe it's a sign that we try other toppings, no?