since i realized that we haven't been fully utilizing our 5MB internet connection both here at home and at the office, i decided to download movies and tv series i've been wanting to watch. gone were the days of buying full season dibidis at ruins.

i was never able to watch sex and the city the tv series because i used to go to my parent's or brother's room to watch tv as i was deprived of my own tv set back then. 2 yrs ago when i finally have one in my room, i wasn't really into satc even though i'm intrigued on what the fuss was all about this tv series. i guess it's part of my OC nature that i must start with the pilot episode before i can watch the rest. and if i missed a single episode, i would start losing interest in the series and never go watch it again.

due to all the hype on satc the movie, which i never intend to watch coz i want to finish all episodes in the series first, i went crazy downloading all 6 seasons. i'm currently in season 2 but another tv series caught my attention.

now, i'm hooked with gossip girl. i know it's teenage stuff but just like satc, the series is set in new york and i just love the sight of that city! oh and of course who wouldn't want seeing all those fashionable stuff?

every night is satc and gossip girl marathon night for me. when i'm done with both, i'm thinking grey's anatomy, smallville or desperate housewives. woah, couch potato in the making?


bb_anne said...

I watched the movie...i was in tears!...

beevee said...

ah really. waaah..i have 5 more satc seasons to go. heheh